Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mastrojanni: San Pio Super Tuscan

In light of the recent interview with Mastrojanni winemaker Andrea Machetti, it's easy to focus on the fine Brunello wines this winery produces.   And there's no wrong in that. 

However, like many Tuscan wineries, Mastrojanni also steps out from time to time to break the DOCG mould and produce a Super Tuscan wine that holds the humble IGT designation.  

The 2009 Mastrojanni San Pio is such a wine.  A blend of 80% Cabernet and 20% Sangiovese, the wine is clearly in the Mastrojanni style.  This Cabernet has Tuscan soul - it's a wine that could never be mistaken for a new world Cabernet or a Bordeaux.  

The aroma is concentrated with ripe plums and blackberries, but there is a savory herb, tobacco and earth component coming through from the Sangiovese.  Flavors follow the nose and are medium to full bodied, with good balance, intensity and length.  Toward the end of the dinner, a faint floral aspect emerged on the nose.  Classy.  This wine is about $25-$30 retail and is very fairly priced for the quality in the bottle.  Mastrojanni is on a roll.   Paired very well with veal sorrentina, and fettucine bolognese.  91 points.   Disclosure:  This wine was a distributor provided sample.

Another great 2009:  San Pio is 80% Cabernet and 20% Sangiovese


  1. Beautiful review! John, as you taste wine your wordsmithing seems to dance-off your tongue;-)

  2. Grazie amico. I don't know about dancing, but for sure - sometimes the words come easy and sometimes they don't. This one did. :)