Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baron Ricasoli 1141

As a wine writer, sometimes you get trapped in the notion of, "if the wine isn't good, I shouldn't call it out."  I try to stay away from that mindset at all costs.  For my readers to feel comfortable when I recommend a wine, they must also feel comfortable knowing when wines out there are not worth their time or money.  Don't you agree?  The key - as with anything - is to be polite and objective. I would love nothing more than to taste wines that rate only 90 points or higher, but that's just not realistic.  In the simplest terms, I call them as I taste them. 

The 2010 Baron Ricasoli Chianti 1141 is disappointing.  It's a light to medium ruby in the glass.  While the wine was not decanted, it was tasted during a cocktail party with various cheeses, cured meats, meatballs, etc.  I had ample time to aerate the wine in my glass. 

The nose is faint, with dried herb and dried fruit flavors.  Despite the youth of the wine, there seems to be little vibrancy to the fruit.  In the mouth, the wine is light to medium bodied with a core of simple cherry fruit and a faint trace of acidic backbone.  This is simple, quaffable, and nothing more. It's a wine to pour and dismiss without a thought. It might make a good pairing with pizza, but frankly, you can find better chianti classico for the money, or opt for a dolcetto or zinfandel instead.  84 points, about $10. 

Ricasoli Chianti 1141 - Simple stuff


  1. Hi

    I just recently found your blog here, so far i find i really great :-)

    I really like to see when you also get wines that doesnt perform or live op to what one would expect.
    Because sometimes as a "normal" consumer, with a big interest in wines, i also get wines that are okay to drink but nothing more, and reading from bloggers it sometimes can look like they only are having the great stuff :-)

    So in my eyes, just keep up the good work.
    Best wishes, from Denmark.

  2. Hi Flemming,

    Thanks for your comments; I really appreciate you reading and providing feedback. I'm glad you enjoy the site and I hope you continue to visit and spread the word.

    I will do my part to make sure it's worth your time to come read!

    Thanks again,