Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Tabarrini Trilogy

My readers are aware by now that Tabarrini produces three distinct Sagrantinos from it's vineyards in and around Montefalco. 

For easy reference, the links to prior reviews are here:

The last of the three Sagrantino tasted is the 2006 Colle Grimaldesco Sagrantino.  As the vineyard descriptions above state, this wine is stylistically somewhere between the brooding, masculine alle Macchie, and the more elegant, feminine Alla Cerqua.  Based on this tasting, I'd say at the moment the Grimaldesco leans closer to the former. 

In the decanter, the wine is black - as we've come to expect with Tabarrini's wines and Sagrantino in general. It's impenetrable.  On the nose, the wine displays intense perfumes.  Dark, smokey fruit, tar, graphite, licorice and earth mingle together nicely.  On the palate the wine is more restrained.  There is a huge core of ripe blackberry fruit, with accompanying notes of leather. It is full bodied and a bit rustic, with loads of ripe tannins and acids that shorten up the finish a bit.  This is a seriously constructed wine and I think it will have a glorious rebirth.  That said, it needs some extended cellar time to get there.  Well worth the tariff, but I'd cellar 8-10 years. Bury it in a corner.  Approximately 91-94 points.  About $32. 

I think, given the structure of the 2006 vintage overall,  the 2007 Sagrantinos will charm a little earlier - not unlike the vintage comparisons being made in Tuscany.  Generalizations are just that, but Sagrantino is a wine with great ability to age so acquire them with that in mind.  If you must try this now, get a nice big steak, or find some game. 

2006 Tabarrini Colle Grimaldesco Sagrantino - Built for Aging
 Buon Natale tutti!


  1. Joen, thanks for the heads-up on the time frame. next one I'll taste will be the 2007 Campo Alla Cerqua; I love the idea of feminine. . . aspects!
    Buon Natale Joen

  2. Buon Natale my friend. Open something great and may your hearth be filled with friends, family and great food. Salute! e Pace.