Thursday, October 4, 2012

Single Vineyard Zinfandel

Zinfandel shines best when it's grown in the Sonoma Valley and even more so from the enclave within, Dry Creek Valley. 

With a comforting Pacheri Pasta with roasted cherry tomato sauce and fresh asparagus, topped with softly melting Cacio di Roma cheese,  we uncorked a wonderful 2009 Dry Creek Vineyard Spencer's Hill Zinfandel.

While not my favorite single vineyard Zinfandel that Dry Creek produces, this red is soulful, and the perfect foil for this meal.  In fact, it may be the most food friendly of all DCV's single Zinfandels.  The color is a pure purple.  The nose shows lovely Zinfandel tipicity;  wild berries, eucalyptus, black pepper, and clove.  In the mouth the wine is elegant, with bright juicy wild "zin-berry" fruit with dusty white pepper and spicy dusty Dry Creek Valley tannins.  The acids easily handled the tomatoes and it didn't flinch a wink in the face of the asparagus, which can be an awfully tough nut to pair with wine.   Simply delicious.  90 points, about $25.

Dry Creek Vineyard Spencer's Hill Zinfandel - named after Founder Dave Stare's Grandson


  1. John, great review and interesting picture: somehow the chair through the glass works with the wine to give it the story the wine begs for.

  2. Dennis,

    I wish I could say the photo was intentional, but I'm not nearly the photographer that you are!